Episode 17: Embracing A New Normal with Rhonie McBerry



Rhonie McBerry is a licensed radiation therapist providing care to those living with cancer, and is the author of Embracing a New Normal: Words That Surround Your Soul devotionals. She learned to embrace a new normal after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in June of 2014 and now uses the power of words to encourage others to see past their darkest days and toward a brighter horizon.

In this episode, Rhonie talks about the concept of devotional writing, using modern dance as a means to enhance and commune with her faith, and the importance of carving out a “happy place” for oneself in their daily routine. We also discuss cupcakes and the necessity of little indulgences.


  • Rhonie describes her path to diagnosis in 2014 and the personal transformation that followed.
  • Her developing relationship with her faith throughout pregnancy and illness, as well as the sign she saw in her struggle.
  • The cathartic experience of laughter and the sitcoms that keep Rhonie going on a rough day.
  • Defining “devotional” and why Rhonie encourages listeners to try reading a few.
  • Finding a “happy place” through the therapeutic power of music.
  • Her funny surgical experience with slow-release anesthesia.
  • Rhonie’s liturgical dance ministry and using movement to connect with God.
  • How Rhonie’s health challenge led to a rough patch in her marriage—and how counseling made their union stronger than ever.
  • The struggle of “not feeling whole” when living with a chronic illness.
  • The constructive effect Rhonie’s condition has had on allowing her to face her fears.
  • How Rhonie’s personal philosophy became less materialistic and more focused on the moment due to her health journey.
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