Episode 20: Endometriosis + High-Risk Pregnancy with Parijat Deshpande



Parijat Deshpande is a leading high-risk pregnancy expert who guides women to have healthy pregnancies even in the face of complications. She is the host and creator of the pregnancy-focused podcast, "Delivering Miracles." Parijat has also lived with endometriosis for many years, and over the years has managed chronic pain, a miscarriage, and a very complicated pregnancy. She now has a son she treasures immeasurably.

In this episode, Parijat discusses how a delayed diagnosis complicated her ability to conceive, the loss she and her husband endured at the end of her first pregnancy, and her use of stress management to improve her prematurely born son's chances. She also talks about the philosophy and humor that have gotten her through even the most dire moments in her life.


  • How Parijat thought her endometriosis symptoms were normal due to lack of widespread information about the condition.
  • Which techniques and connections helped Parijat get through this very painful era of her life.
  • Parijat's miscarriage, struggling with feeling "failed" by her body, and how she reassessed her relationship with her physical self.
  • Taking ownership for her body, coming to trust herself, and discovering self-determination in the face of her conditions.
  • Impressing the need for empathy and guidance from medical professionals beyond mere diagnosis.
  • Finding strength in being able to choose who accompanies you on your health journey.
  • Why Parijat's husband has been instrumental in helping her through this struggle and how the two of them found solace in dark humor.
  • Something that everyone on a health journey can ask themselves: what if everything DOES work out?
  • The belief that has stayed with Parijat through thick and thin.
  • What motivated Parijat to open up about her health journey to clients and friends.
  • Parijat's use of stress management to delay her son's premature birth by 15 days and how she instructs it to her clients.
  • The clarity gained through Parijat's health journey that she may not have acquired otherwise.

"I see clarity as the ability to lead my journey in the direction that I want with the village that I've created." - Parijat deshpande


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