Episode 4: You Are More Than Just Your Skin with Tara Cameron

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Tara Cameron's relationships with herself and those around her have become deeper and richer as a result of her relationship with her health challenges: eczema and Red Skin Syndrome. She is a practitioner of East Asian medicine, functional nutritionist and licensed massage therapist based in Kirkland Washington, and is also a doctoral candidate for acupuncture and herbal medicine. In this interview, she discusses how her physical experiences have impacted her professional and personal well-being, as well as how she has embraced these conditions to improve her self-image, connect more deeply with who she really is, and become an even more effective practitioner for her patients.

This episode contains discussion of depression and suicidal ideation. If you're feeling distressed, we advise you contact the National Suicide Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or SuicidePreventionLifeline.org. 


  • How changing her diet massively affected Tara's chronic pain.
  • The surprising truth of what appeared to be an adulthood resurgence of eczema.
  • How building an online eczema community positively impacted her spirit amidst the challenges of topical steroid withdrawal.
  • The kindness shown to Tara by a stranger and the resulting connection.
  • How Tara chose to begin seeing herself through the eyes of those who love her, versus what the mirror reflected. 
  • The intimidating but rewarding experience of putting herself and her Red Skin Syndrome out there.
  • Meeting Lydia Lagrou, the cool owner of Leela Yoga Studio.
  • Discussing the ways our diseases can give us purpose and help us make sense of life.
  • The importance of managing your problems instead of pushing them away.
  • The balancing act of avoiding oversharing concerns about one's illness while also not keeping it bottled up inside.


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