Episode 6: When Scars Connect Us with Romina Pacheco



Born in Venezuela, Romina Pacheco is a social justice educator currently based in New Mexico. She is also a wife, mother and thyroid cancer survivor who has been living with chronic fatigue since 2012. She's determined to live life to the fullest, even if it means taking time out to rest. She feels blessed for having a supportive community and takes pride in her ability to be assertive, advocate for herself, and seize the opportunities afforded to her. In this episode, she discusses the importance of finding balance between work and lifestyle, how knowledge allowed her to get a handle on her fear, and why she wears her scar as a badge of pride.


  • How a spiritual epiphany convinced Romina to get a checkup and discover her thyroid cancer.

  • Romina overcoming her fears and taking control by asking as many questions as she could prior to the surgery.

  • Finding solace in trusting others on the advent of her procedure.

  • The importance of speaking up for herself, even if it meant being pushy.

  • Romina finding a compassionate, supportive figure in her nurse after the operation.

  • A friend's generosity giving Romina safe space to recuperate after the procedure.

  • Her young daughter's heartwarming moment of maturity on the day of Romina's surgery.

  • Coming to accept her new body in the wake of her surgery and treatment.

  • How her experience pushed Romina to reevaluate what she wanted out of a career and what kind of people she hoped to work with.

  • Finding validation and support in the stories of other thyroid cancer survivors.

  • How Romina found commonality with her mother through their shared thyroid issue experiences.


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