Friday, November 1
11:00am PT

(access to the recorded event after)

Space is limited.

It takes courage and creativity to curate a life that suits your unique needs and desires. Join Lauren Selfridge and April Snow for an hour of conversation, inspiration, and affirmation that you can, in fact, build your life “outside the box.”

Living as a Highly Sensitive Person or with health challenges (or both!) invites us to be especially conscious and intentional about our energy and our life choices. What if you began to regularly tune in to what your heart, and your body, are asking for? When we get quiet enough to listen to that voice of intuition and inspiration, our lives become even more filled with possibility.

You’ll have a chance to watch this live conversation from the comfort of your own home, and even participate (if you’d like) by typing questions and weighing in on the discussion.

After the event, you’ll receive an E-Guide to Creating Your Life Outside the Box, highlighting key elements of the conversation as well as offering tools and resources to support your conscious creation process. You’ll also have access to a recording of the event after it airs (so you’re welcome to register for the event even if you can’t join us live!).


April Snow is a psychotherapist in San Francisco specializing in working with Highly Sensitive People through her practice, Expansive Heart. She lives with Eczema and is a proud to be a Highly Sensitive Person. April is also the founder of Sensitive Therapist, which serves as a hub of education and support for highly sensitive therapists.

Lauren Selfridge is the host of “This Is Not What I Ordered” and lives with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. She joyfully identifies as a Highly Sensitive Person (thanks to April’s guidance and mentorship over the years!). Lauren is a psychotherapist practicing online in California, and specializes in chronic illness.

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Listen to April and Lauren on Episode 45 of the podcast