Episode 1: Introducing This Is Not What I Ordered

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Living with chronic illness or health challenges can be overwhelming and isolating. It can also be an incredible opportunity for beauty, growth, and connection with our deepest selves. I created this podcast because our journeys are enriched when we share wisdom and support with an understanding community around us.  

My name is Lauren Selfridge. I'm your podcast host, a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, and I live with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Many of my most full-hearted moments are inspired by my own health challenges. In this weekly interview show, you'll hear deep, rich, funny, and inspired stories from people around the world. Each guest is facing their own unique set of challenges, yet what we share is a desire to join together and embrace this life. You will hear stories of resilience amidst pain, and beauty within struggle.

It is time for us to talk about chronic illness and disability in a different light. Together, we can take away the stigma that seems to surround us. We can respond to feelings of loneliness and isolation by turning to one another. 


· Hear just a bit about my own story, and why this podcast came into being.

· Learn that this show is about all types of health challenges from across the world.

· Hear little moments of insight from people with a variety of diagnoses.

· Learn how you can become a part of this amazing community.


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