Episode 2: Meet The Host with Lauren Selfridge



In the spirit of vulnerability and trust, I cannot think of a better way to kick off This Is Not What I Ordered than with my own story of chronic illness. That’s right—I’m the first interviewee on the podcast. My dear friend and fellow therapist, Jessica Weikers, is joining me in my living room in San Francisco to ask questions and share memories. Along the way, I want to open up my life a bit and share what I have experienced and where I have grown. For your ears today is my ongoing journey with Multiple Sclerosis, just so you and I can get to know each other better. 

This is Jessica Weikers!

This is Jessica Weikers!

Jessica has been with me through every step of this journey, so she is the perfect interview buddy. She has helped me navigate many of the bumps in the road, and she's also helped me celebrate the bright spots. My hope is that by hearing my own story, you will open up space in your heart and time in your schedule to share your own and listen to someone else’s. The greatest gift you and I can share together is simply to listen. When we share in each other’s struggles, we don’t feel so alone. 

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I decided that worry was not going to take over my life! Full-hearted living, for me, is all about building up spiritual and mental practices to open myself up to what the world has to offer. In fact, I fully believe that my personal growth has been fueled in many ways by my experiences with MS. Come on this journey with me today, and let's kick off the podcast together with light, laughter, and storytelling.


•    What led to my MS diagnosis. 

•    Addressing my relationship with worry.

•    Seeing the moments of pain and darkness as necessary, and as entry points for love and brightness. 

•    Let people help you and show up for you. It’s a gift for them, too. 

•    Hear where I’m at right now with my illness. 

•    For me, non-resistance is the key to being open and receptive to life.

•    Turning my limitations into expansions. 

•    You are so deserving of love as you are. 

•    What full-hearted living means to me. 

•    Moments of empowerment, humor, and self-love. 

•    Community is crucial to your growth. 

•    I want to normalize how we talk about our bodies. 

•    Words of wisdom for anyone on this journey. 


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