Episode 22: Living With Joyful Urgency with Kirk Nurmi



Kirk Nurmi is an attorney-turned-life-coach who overcame not only the infamy associated with defending convicted murderer Jodi Arias, but stage 3 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma as well. After leaving the practice of law, Kirk has drawn on his experiences to fuel a new direction for a more fulfilling life and is now a transformational speaker, coaching lawyers to help unhook themselves from stressful thought patterns and live happier lives.

In this episode, Kirk discusses which kinds of control are beneficial vs. which lead to unnecessary stress, the existential concept of self-actualization, and the serenity he found after facing the prospect of dying before his time. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone more at peace with their own mortality than Kirk is.


  • Kirk relates how his lymphoma emerged suddenly during a period of rest and satisfaction in his life.
  • How faith guided Kirk during this turbulent shift and guided him through changing his life plans.
  • Viewing cancer and other physical health issues as manifestations of stress left untreated.
  • Achieving lasting happiness through actualization rather than job or financial security.
  • Determining what we really need to control and shedding stress by relinquishing what isn’t necessary.
  • How Kirk found serenity and priority in facing his own mortality.
  • What allowed Kirk to push himself physically through the worst of his cancer.
  • Why, if given the opportunity, Kirk wouldn't go back in time and talk to his past self.
  • The “joyful urgency” found the aftermath of life-threatening experiences.

“Happiness comes to us when we start fulfilling our greatness.”- Kirk Nurmi


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