Episode 24: Street Art Superhero with Blur [Part 2]

Photograph by CJ Recchia of www.doomedfuture.com

Photograph by CJ Recchia of www.doomedfuture.com



Blur is a street artist and poet based in Philadelphia. Her numerous experiences with chronic pain and Lyme disease, including a major setback in 2015, pushed her to take full advantage of the artistic tendencies she previously only explored in private. She wants her artwork to bring out the vulnerability and empathy in everyone who views it and forge a connection with her audience through that sense of catharsis.

In the second half of this two-part interview, Blur shares some of her very personal written work, how fulfillment cannot be found solely through materialism, and why she thinks her life has improved as a result of her illnesses.

“Change never feels comfortable,
but this has been feeling unbearable.
I’m unfolding slowly.” - BLUR


  • Blur recites a few of her own poems that explore her relationship to her body.
  • Her definition of a fulfilling life and how that definition has changed due to her health challenges.
  • The connections lost and gained in the process of coping with chronic illness.
  • Blur humorously relates her experience being labeled both a fall risk AND flight risk at the hospital.
  • The positive changes that Blur’s chronic illnesses have brought to her life.



Street Artist + Poet


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