Episode 11: Being Yourself In Community with Leo Newman



Leo Newman is a licensed professional health counselor living in Travelers Rest, South Carolina with his wife and son. He's worked in the mental health field for a decade and currently splits his time between private practice and the local community health center. His primary focus is helping individuals and their loved ones learn to live beyond the challenges of their chronic health concerns.

Leo began his own journey with chronic health issues in 2005 after being diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and later with ankylosing spondylitis and end-stage renal disease. He's learned that peace and contentment can be found even in the most trying circumstances, and considers his deep connection to his support community to be one of the greatest gifts he's gained from his experience with chronic illness. Leo counts it a privilege to be part of others' communities as they navigate their health challenges.


  • Hear about the rapid onset of Leo's conditions in early adulthood, and how he was left feeling unprepared.

  • How a diagnosis can lead to feelings of guilt, and how to discuss them in a healthy, balanced way.

  • Why it's okay to be messy in therapy.

  • Wanting to not only be identified by his diagnosis, while at the same time discovering his truer self through illness.

  • The questions Leo wishes people would ask him out in the world.

  • How he views his future, the ways he's preparing for it, and how to find comfort in the face of uncertainty.

  • How Leo's faith has impacted his sense of comfort and connection amidst his health challenges.

  • Describing the community that has accompanied him on his health journey, and maintaining necessary boundaries with them.

  • Sharing his recent experiences as a member of the Podcast Cafe, and news of his upcoming Facebook live stream with Lauren.



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