Episode 13: Everything About You Is Worthy Of Love



Today I'd like to chat with you about why everything about you is worthy of love. I'll share some of the recent difficult and beautiful moments in my journey with MS, and the steps I took to transform a difficult experience by practicing acceptance and kindness towards myself. This episode was recorded live from a Facebook broadcast in The Podcast Cafe: an online community where "This Is Not What I Ordered" listeners gather and connect. I spend time thinking with listeners who submitted comments while tuned in to the broadcast, some of which came courtesy of one of our earliest guests, Tara Cameron (Episode 4). Together, let's reflect on treating every part of yourself kindly—even the parts you may not be a fan of—and bringing a welcoming spirit to all that arises in you.


  • How we are multifaceted beings, including the parts we cherish and the parts that we're less proud of.

  • The importance of being welcoming toward your present self.

  • What does being "okay" mean to you?

  • My recent MRI story, feeling shame at unexpected times, and the part of me that feels responsible for my disease.

  • Acknowledging when moments of vulnerability are met with rejection.

  • Why you don't have to have everything figured out.

  • Letting "perfect" happen rather than trying to force it.

  • An invitation to make and share your own video in the Podcast Cafe!


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